Tumble is a Vasudo original.


January 31, 2019


To the rhythm of life I was walking on by
When I fell straight down my shoes were untied
I don’t want to get up quite yet
There’s something down here I’ve got to get

Down on the ground
You sometimes find
what you wouldn’t have found
If you kept on walking by

Now I sit where I just then fell
Trying to hear what’s trying to tell
Maybe if I don’t try so hard
I’ll understand why I fell so far

Maybe there’s no bad luck
You gotta go down if you want to get up
It’ll all come around some day

But for now, what to do
If you take a, if you take a tumble
If you take a spill
There is a lesson to learn
And a cup to refill
And if you stumble
If your balance you lose
A road lies ahead so tie up your shoes

Confirmed lyrics via GooseTheBand on Bandcamp


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