It Burns Within is a Goose original.

December 20, 2014


I have lost all good reason to believe
That there is someone here for me
Everynite I go out searchin’
Till my reflection in the window’s all I see
That shadow staring back
A little demon child (?)
Burns me with a reason (?)
To stick around for a while
Oh my heart would beat so loudly
In the absence of the ones who lay beside me
I always thought I needed someone
Just to let me know that everythings alright
Oh to think that someone is out there
Who wears the key around their neck
That’ll free me from my chains
Well there’s no sign yet
I can’t quiet the noise calling out
From inside of these walls

I just wanna love with you everynite
The moon above is the only light we’ll need
Cradle of her arms we’ll sleep
Wander through each world
Alive within ourselves
All the walls will crumble down my dear
My Love is here

From the start I’ve had no reason
Every move she’s made has sent me toward the floor
But still these walls they have consumed me
Now she’s caught me here with one foot out the door
As long as I feel the need
There will always be this gap
Between the Love I seek and the person I’m looking at
So quick to forgive
That beneath the chain’s a flame that burns in me
And it’s all I need


I just wanna love you again

Unconfirmed lyrics via Kelsey Lynn on El Göose

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