Seekers On The Ridge Part I is a Goose original.


November 7, 2020


Go south?
Move south?
Leave my own
These cold bones

Sink back into this falling snow, friend
At break of dawn, it’s all our smoke
It felt the coil of a mortal rope
Sworn upon, the mountain side
She held us for long enough to sleep, tonight

The smoke it rolls, over the ridge
We gave it all we had to give
And though our vengeance, caught a limb
That beast ran and vanished to the hills, again

Frozen moss, forgotten stones
Next to the river lay a pile of bones
And those back home, they sang along
Just as the fire burnt out within these words

Read my thoughts, they’ve gone to waste?
They turn and twist, the old man’s fate
Without that path, it’s all too late
The leaves grow and fall back as I sit and wait

But over time, this winter’s passed
I’ll change the way the seasons last
I know my place, it’s breathing still
So tell them I’m headed for, the hills

Oh Colorado breathe it in
They’ll know the truth when water flows again
And if that froze, they are the stones
Let them find rest beside that pile of bones

The flame may tire and smoke may fade
Met by the rain and there her mind may change
My stubborn heart won’t ever mend
I’ll storm all hell to find that beast again

Ohh, ohhhh….
Through all hell, I’ll find that beast again, ohhh…

Unconfirmed lyrics via Kevin Perkins, Jay Larson, Andrew Hadley, and Tiff Heath


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