Echo of a Rose is a Vasudo original.


August 2, 2018


In a world of action
I was was playing with distractions
Just hoping that the wild would call on me
I awoke to a dream, I saw a bees nest in a bonsai tree
I fell to my knees and I started to pray that she’d come for me
She headed to the open door and I froze
Flashed before my eyes in a life i’d never know
With an echo of a rose she said take my hand I know a place that we can go
Take these old tied up shoes, I won’t be needing them
In my new jungle room
Oh those ivy eyes, gripping around my spine
Tell me who was I before
She came and pulled me up to space
Looking from far above where I used to wait
For an echo of a rose
She said take my hand I know a place where we can go

Unconfirmed lyrics via Michael Drecolias

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