The Old Man’s Boat is a Goose original.


October 8, 2021


I drew me a picture of blinding light
Dove right in and near lost my sight
Oh the darkness is not what I had in mind tonight

I went out wandering no place in mind
Never had a clue about what I could find
Oh if only I didn’t try so hard outside

Next to the water where the birds fly by
They come and they go and they never say goodbye
Oh if only we could try the same sometime I’d fly

Hands to move minutes to pass
I wanna leave behind something that’ll last
Oh if only I had just a little more time tonight

Out there somewhere afloat at sea
The old man’s boat is no place to be
Oh when the storm washes out his crooked teeth we’ll see

Unconfirmed lyrics via Jeremy Braxton-Brown


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