Flodown is a Vasudo original.


August 12, 2016


Sweating in the haze all day
Something’s gotta take this edge away
The sun is going down and everyone around
Is headed for the Flodown
We’ll freshen up and head into the scene
Rowdiest shindig I ever seen
The gathering of clowns
From all the nearby towns
Living up the Flodown

Got myself a drink and hit the floor
Before too long he be knockin’ at the door
The law of the town sheriff john brown
Coming to bust the Flodown
All the faces turn to the man
Waiting for erroneous demand
Cross check, spies attack
No more clowns ’round monkey pound
And there ain’t no frown at the Flodown
No there ain’t no frown at the Flodown

Unconfirmed lyrics via Jeremy Braxton-Brown


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