Echo of a Rose is an extremely personal song for Rick. 

The song actually started off as a poem Ricks Grandfather wrote for his love, Rose.  Rose came from a very prominent socialist family who flexed an extravagant lifestyle.

Ricks Grandfather, J. Lee, accidentally won over Roses heart during a vacation trip across the North Atlantic Ocean. The two fell for each other fast and hard over the 14 day excursion. J. Lee, or Jack…..fell in love with her deeply. And as did she. 

But before the ship reached its destination a tragedy struck in the form of an iceberg. Roses white privilege ended up killing Jack as he sunk to the bottom of the ocean in a state of frozen disbelief.

There was room for both of them on that floating door, but Rose chose to hog the flotation device all to herself like a privileged rich kid.

It took her 79 years to feel bad for what she did, which caused her to throw an extremely rare and valuable necklace into the ocean like a dumbass.  As she realized what she did she yelled “nooooooooo why would I throw this extremely valuable treasure into the seaaaaaaaa?!”

You could hear those words echo across the boat as Rose yelled into the icy ocean.

Echo of a Rose is what witnesses now call that horrid sound of regret they heard that day.

Rick was fascinated by the story of how his Grandfather met his fate.

He wrote that song in 2012 while on Jam Cruise.

Historical accuracy guaranteed by Mike Kelly.

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