The nickname “Handini” derived from Peter Anspach’s grandfather being one of Toronto’s most famous magicians.

Benjamin Anspach developed and mastered “The 12 sided death pit” in 1934. This trick has been hailed as one of the greatest disappearing acts of the 20th century.

Benjamin was only one of 2 magicians that ever pulled off the stunt.

In 1949, outside of an 1800’s Victorian theatre, an up and coming magician named “The Thin Man” failed to pull off the trick and met an early fate. Cut in half by a malfunctioned trick mirror, The Thin Man was sliced in half in front of a crowd of 250 townspeople.

Benjamin was held accountable for the young magicians death, and was summoned before an angry and worried jury. Benjamin was found guilty of “influential manslaughter” and was given the choice of life in prison or hand amputation; in which he chose the latter.

He continued his career in magic, albeit handless. He was known furthermore as Handini.

The SU on the amp stands for Shrimp Union, which was Ricks first band.

Only active from 2006 – Spring 2007, Shrimp Union toured the farm festival circuit to a moderate crowd.

Disbanding due to turmoil between the drummer and the merch manager. 

The idea of a reunion was floating around the summer before Goose officially formed, but was put to rest shortly after Peter begged to join the band.

After 4 auditions, Peter impressed Trevor with an acoustic version of Smashing Pumpkins 1979. Goose formed, and the Shrimp Union reunion idea simmered out.

Historical accuracy guaranteed by Mike Kelly.

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