The Gooseboat sticker is a play on the name of Peters Dads commercial fishing boat company Ghostboat.

The dad of the guy who gave Peter the sticker worked for Peter’s Dad for 20 years. As a child, Peter and the guy’s son Lincoln would play on the docks as their fathers ran the fishing boat company.

The company went under in June of 2011 when several of the fishing boats were fined for keeping fish under the legal size.

Multiple warnings and and a sushi industry scandal made headlines over the course of that summer. Peter and Lincoln remained close friends even though their Dads were pointing fingers at each other to stay out of prison.

Fast forward a few years later and things finally settled down. Lincoln is a successful graphic artist now, which in case is the reason we got that awesome sticker. Peter keeps it on his keyboard as a reminder to always stay straight and never let success ruin your fishing boat business; metaphorically speaking.

Historical accuracy guaranteed by Mike Kelly.

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